Much gratitude to our customers and followers for every like, follow, message and payment that has helped us reach our current stage. As you see, custom365d is a very young team, but we believe every follower is real targeted users who are really interested in and wanna get good quality custom pieces at affordable price.

We believe every custom piece has a special meaning for everyone, we need to complete it as perfect as possible. But during this process with communicating with every customer, we found most customers don’t know much about it, also don’t know if it is worth to get one like this, and think it is much more expensive than normal jewelry(you can buy one under $100, but most custom pieces in market will be over $2500 for Moissanites. To be honest, our team also think so) so our team make a decision we will dedicate to provide about $1000 custom pieces (you can choose Moissanite & Sterling Silver for most of them with limited 3-5 letters/numbers). This is why we named custom365d- WE DEVOTED 365 DAYS EVERY YEAR ON CUSTOM PIECES TO MAKE HERE EVERY PENNY WORTHY.

Ready to create with us? You can comment below or email us: support@custom365d.com